Zoo Keeper for a day!

 Hello guys and welcome back!

Today I wanted to share with you our adventure with South lakes Safari Zoo , in May half term we were invited along for a fun filled day of activities !

Me craig, my in laws, the boys and Penny all arrived at the zoo shortly after 10:39 where we were greeted in a large welcoming front office where you would usually queue up for your tickets, there were toilets and baby changing facilities near the entrance which were all really nice and  clean (a big thing for me!) the car park is close to the entrance so it’s not a huge trek from the car which again is fab as or boys get super impatient “are we at the start yet haha” familiar with a lot of families I’m sure!

Upon arrival all the staff were super friendly and helpful and gave us  map of the park and a list of activities that are on throughout the day should you choose to do any , a lot of the experiences and this that I’ll mention are additional extras to the gate price but I will pop details of them at the end.

As we entered the park we began our journey at a huge park which boys loved and penny had a good go at climbing too! Again there is toilets right near here so perfect for before you set off round the park. After a little play we headed up for a wander round some animals as the first activity they had planned for us was feeding the big cats! Now to do this activity you have to be 7 years or older and 4 people can do it at a time so this was perfect for us as I was unable to do it (much to my disappointment) with being pregnant and Penny was obviously too young so me and Craig’s mum stayed outside with her and let the boys all do it together. The zoo keeper that did this activity with us was super informative and so helpful! All of them Craig, his dad and the boys loved the whole experience and would definitely recommend! It’s £40 a person for this opportunity!


After all the excitement of the big cats we were all super hungry so we headed to the fish and chip restaurant which we loved and agreed was super reasonable for food on a day out and it was so yummy too! The seating area was large and spacious with amazing views over the park ! We then had ice creams at the chubby unicorn ice cream parlour! And the only rain we had all day was while we were inside eating! It was definitely the perfect weather as we weren’t too hot walking around and if we did get warm we could all take a layer off!

After our bellies were full we headed over to meet the keeper again and feed the lemurs! Much to my amazement when they were small furry animals as I thought we were going to feed the llamas! Again we all loved this experience and it is an additional cost to your park ticket but so worth it to get up close and personal with these Animals and South lakes have the largest lemur enclosure in the UK.

Shortly after this Craig’s mum and dad had to leave us for the day they live close by in Windemere and had to get home so after they left we headed over for our penguin feeding experience which again didn’t disappoint and we learned why penguins are black and white! Did you know?

There backs are black so when swimming if you look down into the water you would just see dark and there bellies are white so anything underneath them in the water looks up they just see light!

These penguins eat 10kg of fish a day! Approx two full buckets!

Our day finished off with a trip to the rhinos and giraffes which Penny absolutely loved!

We learned some amazing facts about the rhinos and that we loose 1500 a year to poaching! How awful.

It was clear from our whole day at the zoo that the animals are at the heart of every single thing they do  and it was so lovely to see they are so well looked after !


If you have enjoyed reading about our day and would like to visit yourself please click the link below which will take you to the South Lakes Safari Zoo website where you can book tickets and find out details and prices of all the individual experiences.

We all absolutely loved our day from start to finish and can’t think the team enough for inviting us along!


Thank you for reading our day at the Zoo!

*this trip was gifted in exchange for an honest review and as always our opinions  are completely our own.










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    Ahh this looks amazing 😍 I am so jealous!!

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