Through children’s eyes…..

We spend so much time hustling and bustling through every day life and concentrating on end goals, day jobs , house work , cooking tea and everything else but do you ever just take 5 minutes to look at the world through your children’s eyes?

They are so full of love, hope and imagination and see the world sometimes as a much more exciting place than we do!

So last weekend I did just that!

We were kindly sent some kidnoculars from Learning resources to write a review on and I didn’t just want to write a paragraph on how they’re made really well or they are really good  and I wanted to implement a story into it and really capture the imagination through the binoculars.


The boys were super excited to open the box and get looking to see what they can see ,they have often used my dads binoculars when we are at the caravan to look it too sea so it was nice to have some of their own finally!


Bobby was the first to use the Kidnoculars and he was eager to get them on and look out of the window. I told him through these he could see anything he wanted to see , he immediately said he could see all the way to space , described planets, aliens and even people in space!  Us adults would have looked and seen trees , roads and a blue sky! How wonderful to be able to imagine seeing a whole other world in outer space!

Jack was up next to try them, he’s 10 so as with anything he’s starting to grow out of his imagination a little bit all the same he wanted to get involved so he popped them on and at first he said he could see the sky and the trees but couldn’t see space. After a few minutes he started to see all the animals he loves and was able to describe them in great detail, although not as imaginative as some he still really enjoyed the exercise and they both loved-creating other worlds through the kidnoculars.

Overall, we all absolutely loved the product and will be keeping them in the car for when we go on adventures!

Thank you so much

Learning  Resources.

you can purchase them here

As always product was gifted in exchange for a review but all opinions and imaginations are our own.


Thanks for Reading




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