Arlos Birth Story

It all began late 2018 when me and Craig found out we were expecting our second little piece of us! We were super excited of course and decided straight away that the same as with our pregnancy with Penny we were going to keep baby’s sex a surprise.

We had our 12 week scan on 14th February 2019 , a perfect valentines gift! All was okay with baby and we opted for the screening test, up until this point I had always thought this test involved a huge needle into my tummy , after looking into this I found out it was just a blood test at first u less it came back high risk.

We opted to have it done and within 10 days we had a letter in the post to say we were low risk.

Time after this scan seemed to fly by! Penny turned 1 in March , I went back to work for a short time in April , my Dad had a serious motorbike accident at the end ofApril  so focus was on getting him better , which was probably a blessing is disguise as it passed he time of pregnancy, although I do love being pregnant I’ve thoughroughly enjoyed it both times! (Although I’m not saying we’ll have more haha!)

Soon it was August and our due month, preparations were about finished we have some amazing things ready for baby , the gorgeous oxford furniture range from mamas and papas for the bedroom! (Separate blog post will show all our baby items)

Sunday 18th August is where it all really began, our due date was Friday 13rd August but we had a c section booked for Tuesday 20th August due to previous complications with Pennys birth (also another blog post if you fancy a read ) , so on the Sunday we went to the hospital as I was experiencing reduced movements from baby, they monitored me we went for a walk and then they monitored again until they were happy. We went home, picked penny up and even had a drive to the seaside! Ate fish and chips and picked up a preloved wooden shop for penny from Facebook! Went home relaxed and getting ready to prepare for the Tuesday or so we thought!


When we woke on the Monday morning around 7am I began to experience tightenings in my tummy, I thought they would pass but by 8am I realised they were every 10-12 minutes so we rang my mum and dad to come and get penny and we got ready and headed to the hospital! Although a few miles down the road and we had to turn back as Craig had forgotten his phone!!

When we arrived we were taken to the maternity assessment unit and hooked up to a monitor, after a few tests I had an internal examination which said I was 2cm dilated! They got everything ready and moved us to the delivery suite, the very next room to where I laboured with penny! So super emotional as I entered the room because of the complications after Pennys birth I didn’t have a great memory of my labour before theatre with her.

It was nice to few with it and have time to prepare before theatre though! Getting baby’s outfit ready and comparing how small the babies are compared to Pennys size 4 Pampers!


Once settled the contractions seemed to get much closer together and although I didn’t want it this time I ended up having gas and air as I could t cope with just paracetamol.

I would have been taken to theatre straight away as my c section was planned for the very next day, however I had had one bite of toast at 8:30am before we set off to hospital so the anaesthetist wanted to ideally wait 6 hours before I went to theatre due to me have a general anaesthetic which would of been 2:30pm , it got to 1oclocl and I was in agony, the midwife and obstetrician agreed to examine me and this showed I was 6cm dilated , they now said ow pups have to go to theatre before 2:30 as they don’t like to operate when you are fully dilated.

The team came and prepared me and wheeled me to theatre about 1:45, I remember hearing them say it was 1:56pm as I went off to sleep.

A lot of people have asked me why did I choose to be out to sleep , a few reasons really, first of all in my my first labour I had an epidural which punctured my spinal fluid and became blocked resulting in an emergency general anaesthetic, something I didn’t want to happen again I wanted to be in control this time. My second reason was that as daft as it sounds much as I could i wanted my babies to be treat the same and that was my coping mechanism if I could do something the same for them then I would so this way I was asleep for both of the births and everything was the same. I recover well from a general anaesthetic so I knew it would be okay afterwards and it was!

Next thing I was awake and In recovery, Craig sitting beside me and they brought our baby out to us and the surprise was surreal  , we’d had a gorgeous baby boy 1 of each … is our family complete (we’ve been asked this quite often now there’s one of each) who knows! What will be will be !

We had a short stay in hospital 2 nights before we came home , so many visitors of family and friends while we were in hospital which was so lovely and definitely needed!

Penny has taken to being a big sister like a duck to water and I couldn’t be prouder!

See the picture below for the first time they met!

Thank you so much for reading our birth story .

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  1. Chloe Busby September 12, 2019 / 9:14 pm

    Loved reading your birth story Jess and how gorgeous are all of the photos! Xxx

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