My Top 10 things for the first month at home with baby!

10 things for the first month at home with baby .

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As I’m sure many of you know them first few days and weeks with a new baby can be quite daunting for new mums and even mums that have done it before! I’ve got 17 month between by two and everything still felt brand new when Arlo was born. So I thought I would get together our top 10 things to have prepared for that time, I appreciate lots of people will have different opinions and I could of written  a list of so many more but tried to keep it to 10!

 Mum and you Subscription!   These nappies and wipes are honestly  fantastic , thank he designs the quality and even the customer service from the fabulous team is second to none ! They offer a brilliant subscription service and I’ve included some of the pricing below so you can have a look for yourself, please also make sure you head over to their website to check out the full range of products and pricing and give them a follow on social media too! They are a lov team of mums creating amazing products for other mums too!   You can purchase your subscription on a 3,6 ,9 or 12 month delivery package or you can also pay as you go but obviously the more you buy the more you save! 9&12 month subscriptions get you a huge 35% discount! Everyone knows I love a bargain so this has huge appeal to me! I’ve included an image below showing all ingredients in the nappies and also one to show you the size of nappies what weight they are suitable for and how many in each pack! Each delivery   subscription  contains 4 packs of nappies and 10 packs of their wipes!

Can you spot our pack of wipes in the first picture?


Babygrows! I think I actually have an addiction to these! Next babygrows are my all time favourite and even better when there from the sale! They wash amazing and even tumble dry without shrinking! What I love about the ones  from next is there is a wider range of sizes to fill the in between gaps, so tiny baby up-to 5lbs, first size up-to 7.5lbs , up-to 1 month 10lbs, and then standard from there 0-3,3-6 right up to 18-24! I’m so pleased Penny is teeny as she’s just gone into 12-19 so I know I’ve got a whole of her in babygrows yet!

Sleepyhead , we never had one of these with Penny and I’m absolutely gutted we didn’t! She does have the grande one now though! It’s amazing I’d love one myself so cosy! With arlo we bought him the deluxe preloved from my lovey friend Chloe! And we wouldn’t be without it for either of them! They both have the ice white covers but I think I’m going to invest in a spare so we’ve got two just incase of any spills or anything!

Muslins, muslins and lore muslins! Anyone that follows or little journey on Instagram will know just how much Penny adores her muslins! She has even taken to carrying two around with her at the minute! Our favourites have got to be Bullabaloo baby muslins! They really are marshmallowy soft and the cutest designs! Some new designs are being released very very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

A safe place for baby if you have toddlers

We have a gorgeous Rocking Chair, Ours is grey with elephants on in grey and mustard from Bababing and an amazing monochrome play mat from TinyLove  ive had so many comments from friends and family and how stylish both of these products look! 

Bedside crib or Moses basket. 

We bought ours and went for the Tutti Bambini one when we were expecting Penny as I absolutely loved the style of it , we have the grey tweed one with a wood look frame. It’s bigger than a Moses basket and can be attached to the bed for safe co sleeping if you choose to. We’ve never used it for co sleeping but just for while both Penny and arlo have slept in our room !

That’s Penny asleep in the crib with the tutti Bambini branded sheets too!

Medela swing breast pump if breast feeding (guest post advice on this was gifted for review but I chose to bottle feed so my best friend reviewed it )

My friend is called Charlotte and had wanted this pump throughout her pregnancy so when I decided I was going to bottle feed I knew just who to give it too, o asked her to give me her honest option on the product so I can share this with you all and this was her response “The Medala pump is super easy to assemble, especially with being a first time mummy! The different flow options make it a lot easier and quicker to express, you can tailor these to different speeds to suit you. The Best Bit for me  would be the Medela storage bags, which you can put in hot water and they heat up in a minute!” It’s fair to say chrome absolute loved the products and all its features, Ilove that even as a first time mum Charlotte had no issues assembling the product and loved the accessories that came with it too!  The team and Medela are also super friendly and the customer service amazing so if your looking for a breast pump for your new arrival then I would definitely recommend this one without hesitation as would Charlotte. 

Tommee Tippee perfect prep (if bottle feeding) we never had one the first time round with Penny but we actually got ours sent to us for a review (full review was on a separate blog post) when penny was about 9 months old so she still had formula at that point so it meant we were able to use it and get to grips with it although it’s very easy! So when Arlo arrived and we’ve got two babas under two it makes bedtime and mornings an absolute dream! Each bottle is made to the perfect t temperature in just 2 minutes! Penny loves to lie on her tummy on the bed head resting in h da and watch the milk get made! (Fab distraction while I change bums!)

Coffee and biscuits ! Lots of ! This one goes without saying and I’m sure all mums would agree! Do you have a favourite biscuit? Mine is custard creams! 

Family! (This was Craigs answer) he said it would be his number 1 as it’s been amazing for us but also fully appreciate that not everyone does have this but most definitely what ever support you have utilise it! Them first few weeks are hard going!

Thank you so much for reading today and I’d love you to leave a comment with your most needed baby items !

This post was sponsored by Mum & You but as always every single opinion is my own and not in anyway requested from a company, they are all my own thoughts 💕



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  1. Chloe Busby September 20, 2019 / 8:24 pm

    Aww this is so lovely! We love mum & you products too and it’s so handy when they are delivered straight to your door! Muslims were a life saver for me too! I didn’t really use any fancy gadgets or anything though! Lovely blog post xxx

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