#AD bedtime routine with two under two!

When I first became a mum to Penny I always said I’d hVe a good bedtime routine right from an early age as I wanted to try And help her learn when it was time to settle for the night. This I know doesn’t work for everyone! This post doesn’t have a magic spell in or anything but I’ve had two babies that sleep through, one from 7 weeks and one 4 weeks And I hope by reading this and seeing how we do things there might be something slightly different to your routine and it might just be the knack to getting that first full nights sleep!

Looking back we started with a routine with penny probably about 2 weeks old and alArlo right from the start as much as we could as he just joined in Pennys routine. It was more about repeating the routine every night In Order but not necessarily the exact same time as I wanted to also be easily adaptable to do things like go out for tea or visit family and things without it affecting bedtimes .

We always have supper around an hour after teatime (sometimes a bit longer) for Penny as I think it’s a nice filling meal to settle her for the night, her favourite even now is the Heinz blueberry or banana porridge! We usually give arlo his bottle after Pennys tea and before her supper so everything follows on from each other, after this we head upstairs and get two sets of vests and babygrow out and a nappy for each of them along with our bottle of Bottom Balm from Mum&You for when them lovely little clean bums are fresh out of the bath I always apply a little bit as they have the nighttime nappy on for a long time and touch wood we’ve never had a nappy rash yet, it’s like magic in a tube for little ones it’s definitely on my list of top things for a baby!

We then grab two clean towels and head for the main bathroom Pennys loves to help tip all of her toys into the bath and then sing arms up baby to get her clothes off! Sometimes we have a sensory bath, turning all the lights off and playing with glow sticks in the water she loves it, and I’m sure arlo will as he gets bigger!

Once Pennys played for 10-15 minutes we then wash her hair , which thankfully she loves! And then get her out and wrapped in a towel, I then fill Arlos baby bath and pop him in, for both of them I use the bedtime bubbles also from Mum&You it smells divine, and leaves their skin feeling silky soft. Once Arlos all dry we head back to the big bed in our room and we give them both a massage with, you guessed it Mum&You moisturiser , I honestly cannot recommend there products enough, we love the nappies and wipes too!

All clean and moisturised and they get clean pjs on and we settle down with milk and usually in the night garden or Mr tumble is a firm favourite at the minute! I’m hoping they both like the same things! Usually after  about 30 minutes they are both asleep, we then lift them into their own beds and there asleep for the night!

Penny always used to settle herself when we put her in her own bed but recently she likes to fall asleep on our bed first, which suits us at the minute and means we all get a goodnight sleep!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about our bed time routine, if you have any tips on getting a 19 month old to settle the set again then please send my way!!

This post is sponsored by mum and you but I hey hVe no way influenced my opinions On Their products they are entirely my own opinions

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  1. Pink Mole October 24, 2019 / 7:28 pm

    Lovely read! Taking some tips off you for sure xx

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