We were kindly sent a 3doodler set from Trends UK and wanted to share with you our hone

The product states it’s age range suitability is 6-13 years so the boys being 7 and 10 they were well within the perfect age range and they were super keen to get the box open and get started!
We  went away last week to our caravan so activities like this for a trip away are absolutely fantastic it minimises screen time and encourages them to get creative  and use their skills and imagination:

Jack (age 10) was the first to have a go and once we had read through the instructions with him and set the actually own up with his chosen colour which was super easy to do, he was ready to go!
(even better the 3doodler comes with a mini usb charger so no replacing batteries every 5 mins!) He decided to use a design from the book and go with making a set of glasses for his first attempt

(see pic)

He found the tool really easy to use and finished his glasses in no time, the only bad part jack thought was that there was no instructions to show him how to join the parts together but with a bit of improvisation from dad he managed it and loved his creation!

Bobby (age 7) had his turn next, he wanted to make the same as his brother but In different colours, he found the activity a little harder and not as easy to create , he managed it in the end but was disappointed that his weren’t as good as his brothers we had to explain it takes time and practice and that they won’t always  be the same (sibling rivalry at its finest!)


As a whole i would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for ideas for birthdays Christmas etc it retails around £44.99 In @smythstoys and I would say that it’s completely worth that amount , I would recommend that maybe stick to age 9 and above though as it is a little bit fiddly for you get ones and jack definitely got more out of using it and enjoyed it more than bobby, once he’d made one thing he was done whereas jack would hiply of say their all day once he got into the swing of things using his imagination he could of created so many amazing things, but we had to head home!
the one thing I loved about the product as a parent is that the plastic one it’s gone through the 3doodler pen cools quite quickly, meaning it’s safe for the boys to use at the craft table even if penny is around there’s nothing hot for her to touch, although sometimes this did make it a little trickle to get the design just right but once they got the hang of it they realised they just had to be more precise with their drawing, fab for the fine motor skills!
If you  follow me on Instagram I’ll be sharing some more of his creations over on there!


So overall a huge thumbs up from us as a family and an excellent gift idea!



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  1. Stuart Forster November 20, 2019 / 2:43 pm

    The pens look like they’re fun to use. It’s a well-timed post as I’m currently on the lookout for a gift for my niece.

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