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When I had my first Baby Penny almost two years ago ( where has that time gone!) I can’t say I really noticed any loss or none that affected me massively anyway.
si de having Arlo just 3 months ago I’veost quite a large  amount mainly in the shower is when I notice it and I can remember one of my friends asking me if I’d lost any and my first answer was no, I think because it’s such a taboo subject so many people don’t like to talk about it!

Hairloss can be caused by so many things, hormone changes, menopause, Stress , ageing, over styling of hair , and even excess brushing!

When the team at Thicker Fuller Hair got in contact to work with me I was on vet the moon and eager to try especially after reading that   69% of UK women worry about hair loss, 66% say it makes them feel self-conscious and 68% believe it is a taboo subject that they don’t talk to anyone about And  Recent laboratory tests recently confirmed that Thicker Fuller Hair can reduce hair fall by 46% after one use.

I have been using the products for over a week now and can honestly say I absolutely love them, the results really have started to show after 1/2 uses , Craig loves them too haha!

Since working with this company and finding out the benefits and ways to improve the hairloss after having Arlo I feel like we should talk about it more as often it can be a simple fix with something like these products and it makes you feel so much better in yourself.

All the products are proudly

 100% vegan
SLS, Paraben & Phthalate Free
Gluten Free
Colour Safe

 Not tested on animals
Colour Safe
Not tested on animals

and all the botanical ingredients do amazing things too!

Organic Quinoa works to repair and protect hair strands. Its benefits accumulate through repeated use.
Vegan Keratin is a plant-based alternative to animal-derived Keratin which deeply moisturises hair strands.
Vitamineral Boost rejuvenates the scalp surface with a rich, indulgent blend of essential minerals (Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc).
Pea Sprout revitalises and refreshes the scalp and promotes healthy-looking hair.
Caffeine helps build visible hair volume
Organic Baobab (from the majestic African tree) deeply hydrates and protects hair strands.
Neem Leaf increases hair shine and manageability.
If you like the sound of these products you can get yours here and in store at Tesco extra in the special hair care section and also most larger boots stores too!!
Thank you as always for reading

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