Baby sleep!

So I often get asked the question two under two, how do you cope with the lack of sleep?

The answer is I’ve been super lucky and Penny and Arlo are amazing sleepers (minus the last fortnight while they’ve been poorly but we’ll forget that haha) but not without the right equipment to aid their sleep

Arlo sleeps in a Snuzpod next to my side of the bed, we have the Snuzpod 3 in the espresso gram and the sleep unit is pristine white, first of all the little bed looks amazing in our room, we hAve a super king bed made from a very similar colour wood it’s like they were meant to match!
the pod looks stylish and it’s also very neat so nothing big and chunky if you do have a smaller room. Arlo is 3 months old and quite chunky and he has still plenty of room in his !
although he’s getting moved to his big bed this week, Penny went in her own room at 7 weeks and it was so good for her , but one thing or another being away and being poorly has meant arlo hasn’t moved until a bit later.
Overall if I was choosing a bedside crib I can’t recommend the Snuzpod enough! We also have the most gorgeous baby sleep aid from Snuz the snuzcloud, arlo loves it & penny too , it plays gentle white noise to help your baby sleep and it definitely works for us!

We also have something called a Purflo nest and we have been using this for nap times and Arlo loves to be snuggly in it we went for the grey with zebras on and the design is just so bloody cute!

I love the best because it’s Breathable, air-permeable, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic so perfect for newborns, it’s available in 0-6 months and they do a one for over 6 months too!

I’ve put the best into Arlos big cotbed to help him with the transition as it’s something familiar to him and it looks gorgeous! (Don’t worry I will be removing the bumpers)


Again another product I would say has massively helped aid Arlos sleep and really helped him to super comfy in his sleep!
Tag me on Instagram if you decide to go for either of these products!!

The Snuzpod, Cloud and Purflo nest were all kindly gifted

Opinions are my own



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