Our Lockdown Diaries 2020

Not something I ever thought I’d be writing , not something I ever thought we’d live through.
but here we are living through History, creating history with our on little families just like the many did back in the war.
It started for me Friday 20th March 2020, the panic buyers had set in, social media was full of photos of empty shelves so I  decided to get up early that day and head to our local butchers for them opening , we got there for 8am and the queue was already right round the car park something I’ve never known not even at Christmas! The old man in the queue behind me told me he was shopping for friends at a local care home too and the last time he experienced queuing like that for food was queuing up for banana rations in the war!
we had a fairly quiet weekend , spend the Sunday 22nd (Mother’s Day) at my mums and then straight back home.
the Monday 23rd March we collected my stepsons as it had been their birthday so we had them for two days .
That Monday night when Borris Johnson held his press conference the UK was out into Lockdown, special measure only leave home for essential shopping and 1 piece of exercise a day.
All stores closed apart from supermarkets , fast food chains , takeaways coffee shops restaurants and bars all closed there doors under government instructions. Life for the foreseeable changed that day .
The boys went home Wednesday 25th March and we made the decision although a hard one ,  living in different towns it was best we don’t have contact for at least a few weeks while we were on lockdown, something we explained and they understood.

We began to get into a routine just me Craig penny and arlo spending all our days at home together with no option of just going out, something hard for all families I’m sure!
The Thursday we decided to head out for a walk all together for our exercise , Arlo in the baby carrier and Penny on her trike to ensure they were safe and not touching anything.
something that was soon to become our little outing , that we’ve continued every day and Penny starting to learn the route now and loving it, Arlos loving having the wind in his hair too!
for me stripping life right back to the basics has been so lovely , especially for them special little moments of creating memories as a family that sometimes when life gets busy the simple things get forgotten and no matter how long we are in this crazy situation for , we’re going to try and continue after!

As the week has gone on it’s getting harder and harder not seeing family and friends , not being able to pop to my mums or call in my sisters , things we take for granted especially as such a close family.
Yesterday 29th match my mum brought us shopping left it on the doorstep and had to stand at the top of the drive to talk to us, possibly one of the hardest experiences of anything in my life , never hve I wanted a hug more. And although Penny is only two I’m pretty sure she was wondering why she couldn’t run to grandma or why we aren’t going out in the car.
a blessing I guess that she’s just living in the moment and doesn’t understand what’s going on


I can’t help but feel so much guilt , Penny and Arlo are having such precious days taken away from them , they are learning and changing every single day and I’m absolutely heartbroken that family are missing out on that, thank goodness for FaceTime!

Im pretty sure  this week we’ve all experienced emotions all at once, overwhelmed , sad , unsure, and having to deal with then in a confined space with no escape like normal and it’s okay to admit that, I love Craig and Penny and Arlo with all my heart but sometimes we all need that little bit of escape and we’re all finding new ways to adapt , Craig’s even started enjoying the supermarket!!!

the scariest part of the week for me was seeing a picture of The london excel being prepped to be a makeshift hospital and it seeming like something out of a film (see pic below )

Thank  you for sharing our week and from our family to yours we hope your all okay, please leave a comment with how your feeling this week .
and remember

Stay home

Stay Safe


Stay sane





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