Sleepfest 2020 in collaboration with Tommee Tippee

Heading to London was becoming a regular thing for me and something I love to do! Catching the train super early in the morning, coffees and chinwags with Jen and our baby boys in tow who just take it all in their stride, one Friday in March was no different and we even took Penny along too! Yes I travelled from the top of the country to the bottom with two under two all in one day and can honesty say I loved every second ! We got the early 7am train to London and then me and Jen jumped in a black cab to Mayfair. Proper little Londoners now! We had a fab morning at something that will be shared at a later date and then we headed to the tube and got on for Hackney, we’re loving the tubes now so much more confidence with them!

Penny’s first train journey

The reason for our trip on this occasion was we had been invited by the amazing team at Tommee Tippee to attend sleepfest 2020, I’m so grateful for opportunities like this as they massively benefit Penny and Arlo too, we met up with another friend Mollie and we all hve children the same age so it means they all get to meet and play and have an adventure together and I must say all 5 of our children that day were 2 and under and they were absolutely fantastic!

Two under two and a tube!

Baby sleep is something that’s kind of one of my favourite things, I love bedtime and a good bedtime routine too so being invited to sleepfest was just fabulous! It was the first event of its kind and I could t wait to see what the team had in store!

When we arrived at the venue we were treated by some amazing staff who gave us our passes and welcomed us inside, the decoration of the room was second to none and gave the event on a whole a great vibe! It was also really spacious something I think for an event with children is a must! The food had been prepared by Sweet Nothing Bake House, which was every inch incredible , and the staff, sometimes children near a buffet can be quite daunting and the staff don’t like it but they were amazing, helped penny choose some snacks and smiled when she went back for more!

Sleepfest 2020

They had an in house crèche at the event which was amazing for the talks we all put the boys I n for an hour and I needed up being the first one to go and get Arlo, as o wasn’t able to put the pram in the crèche he was tired and isn’t a cuddly baby so just wanted to lie down to sleep haha. Other than that I can’t fault the staff working with the little ones!

Food by Sweet Nothing Bakery

The panel of speakers were Part time working Mummy, Rosie Ramsey and Day with Dad all parents themselves and influencers too, I loved hearing all of their own sleep stories and routines , every child really is different so it’s lovely to hear what everyone does , and some fab tips too, my fave way dim the lights and bathtime So it becomes chilled something I now do!

Next years panel Penny & Bea

There was something going on all day at the event , sleep potion making , massages, my faveeee and one of the girls working even played chase with penny while I had a massage how lovely! And a lady also doing family drawings from a picture I gave her a picture of me Penny and Arlo and she sent the drawing to me after the event (pic below ) how fab!

They had prepared a changing area fully stocked which was fantastic , nappies from Kit and Kin , wipes and nappy cream from our faves at child’s farm and handwash too, and the ever favourite tommee tippee nappy bins and nappy odeur neutraliser! I’ve left some links at the bottom for anyone looking to buy these (not affiliate links)

Massage time for Mum!

The display stand from tommeetippee showcased the amazing grobag steppee which Penny and Arlo have and also the standard grobags and sleep aids. we were kindly gifted a Pip the Panda light and sound sleep aid and he is honestly fantastic! Arlo loves him and Penny has Ollie the Owl we were also gifted the steppee bags for Penny and Arlo which they both now sleep in every single night!

Do we have to talk about bedtime again mum!

We met some amazing influencers and some I’ve followed for A while Part time working mummy and Mother freckle and they were just as lovey in person as on stories! It was so so nice to have a day for us mums but with the kids too, the whole team at tommee tippee made the day enjoyable for everyone and nothing at all was too much trouble.

The panel!

Can’t wait for the next one! We’ll be there with Bells on!

Thank you so much to Tommee tippee for having us (tickets were kindly gifted)



Some links to products I’ve mentioned (not affiliate)

Panda sleep aid

Grobag steppee

Nappy bin

Child’s farm handwash


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