Messy fingers and messy play! Paid partnership with Mum&You

Disclaimer* Mum and You have sponsored this post and gifted us the wipes but opinions are all my own .

Hello if your new to my blog I’m Jess I’m 29 and a mum of two Penny who is just over 2 and Arlo who is 8 months and we’re from the North East.

Lockdown, into week six and it all feels very strange age no more so for me than my toddler and my baby, WhTs re we only seeing mummy and daddy what about everyone else? Why aren’t we leaving the house , why haven’t I been to McDonald’s for a while or Tesco’s, all things I keep worrying about for them and from that I’m trying to make being at home memorable for them do activity that help their learning and development but also fun aswel!

The most fabulous packaging on the wipes!

For me I just feel like everything we do with two little ones ends up in a mess, playing outside , going for walks everything ends up with sticky fingers! So wherever we are and wherever we go I’ve always got a pack of MumandYou wipes with us and the new bright packaging is gorgeous!

Water Play

Water Play has been one of Penny favourite activity’s this year, we actually bought her this table last summer but I think she was just a bit too young as she never really bothered with it, now she’s the perfect age and fully engages with it, while picking up dandelions from the garden to make potions! As she’s got flowers and bugs and all sorts mixed into the water it’s definitely not the cleanest so when we’re spending time in the garden and she wants a snack or a drink too having the mum and you wipes handy is perfect for wiping the muck off her hands and she can enjoy a snack or two in peace!

Outdoor messy painting!

Another outdoor activity and my personal favourite , we literally put Penny some paints in a tub and turn her tuff tray upside down and stand it up like an easel, she’s free to paint away, mix the colours spa lash it on to her hearts content and then with a wipe she can start again without any paper wasted! She absolutely loves doing this and it keeps her engaged for so long, having the wipes to hand meant she could wipe it clean and start again as many times as she wanted and she loved it, would definitely recommend!

Little Picasso!
Cutting and sticking

Another crafty activity Pennys loved is cutting and sticking we pop all the different items into different tubs so she can choose what she wants to stick down and creat a masterpiece and she gets the pens out too, we’ve been pretty good with that she knows she can only have her felt tips on that a little blue table because then if she misses the paper it just wipes off! I really do have a pack of these wipes in every corner of our house haha!

Another of my favourites is we have started BLW with Arlo and he has took to it like to a duck to water, fair to say he adores food! Pesto pasta is his favourite and we need alllll the wines afterwards

Pesto pasta was a hit! two musketeers!

My favourite part of lockdown has definitely been all the family time we’re getting and watching the bond between these two grow , my least favourite is now they seem to pop in sync! So if we have one dirty nappy we always have two! Thanks to our Mum and You subscription it makes sure we’ve never run short and the nappies and wipes have been delivered straight to our door! (Adhering to all social distancing guidelines and no contact from the delivery driver )

If you would like to purchase a subscription to the fabulous Mum&You please use
JESSIE20 to grab yourself a discount

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  1. Mollie April 29, 2020 / 6:53 pm

    Oh my gosh how messy is arlo!! Love the mumandyou wipes x

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