The World of Wood with Peppa Pig.

*disclaimer – toys in this post were gifted in exchange for This review however all opinions are my own .

Meet the wooden Peppa family!

So if you have followed our Instagram for a while you’ll know our two youngest are 2.5 and 1 and both have really started to love Peppa lately, however I as a mum used to much prefer all the wooden toys to everything plastic so when we’re asked to review the new wooden collection with Peppa Pig I jumped at the chance and I’m so pleased I did Penny absolutely adores them .

I love the way Character Options have introduced a whole new collection for our little Peppa Pig fanatics . Peppa’s World of Wooden Toys ate excellent quality, durable and sustainable FSC Certified Wood. My favourite part is how much they’ve stuck to original colours and design and all of them and instantly recognisable to children.

We were very kindly sent Peppas wooden house which retails at £29.98 and can be found here . And also the wooden Family which is £9.99 and can be bought here, there is a whole range available and the are such good quality too which I love not just cheap and flimsy.

The figures have been great for penny to hold and are the perfect size for little hands . The house and all the accessories I feel have really brought on Penny’s imagination and she was really keen to learn what each piece of furniture was too which has been brilliant for her speech (furniture comes with house! ) I love how the front of the house fold up and ties into play with some elastic and a big wooden button making it super easy to keep the pieces tidy.

Look at that little concentration face while she plans what they are going to get up to!

The way they are all in size order I think is brilliant as it really shows the difference in the family members and helps the child learn . Penny’s really enjoyed making her own stories up with the characters and making them have breakfast and a bath in the house haha! She tries to get Arlo (1) to join in but I think he’s still a little young bless them!

They even have to watch her eat breakfast!

Over all I would say they’ve absolutely smashed it with these wooden toys and I think they’ll be a huge hit at Christmas!!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our review today and let me know if you buy some!




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