AD Reading The Week Junior! In partnership with mumsnet

Hello and welcome back to our story! This week I’d like to share with you a new subscription we’ve been trialling with the boys which has been an absolute success! We have been working in partnership with Mumsnet and The Week Junior. 

The boys have been reading The week Junior – they are aged 8 and 11 and have both really enjoyed it. There’s parts in it for all ages which I love, so for example some bits Bobby showed less interest in but Jack loved so having children of different ages worked really well for us!

With the boys, and so many other children, having so much time off school learning at home and finding things out has been paramount for their learning. The Week Junior helps make that learning process a lot more enjoyable for them. It really feeds their natural curiosity and allows them to explore things that sometimes on the news might be too complicated or adult for them. 

The Week Junior portrays real world matters in a safe, fun and practical way. It allows children to really focus on what they are reading and learn to produce their own opinions, helping them to become great critical thinkers! All brilliant Life skills for later in life.

Jack spent a lot of time reading the magazine with his cuppa in hand (just juice but in a mug like a grown up haha). He told us that his favourite part had been learning about record breaking adventures, and I feel this really inspired his thinking as he has now started to think of things he would like to do which would make him record breaking! 

Bobby, aged 8, also with a mug of juice, told me his favourite part had been the photos of the week – the spoon standing up in the latest edition was his ultimate favourite. Mine was the colourful umbrellas! I love photography so I was really pleased he was enjoying this. He has since started to ask to use our phones more to take his own pictures which is brilliant. Maybe he will become a photographer one day!

As a parent, trying to find anything to make learning fun is always a bonus but something that inspires them too – well that’s just genius! It really made them feel like little grown ups having their own newspapers and reading things out to us that interested them. 

The Week Junior has helped to broaden what they learn about and has really encouraged our boys to ask more questions when the news is on or me and their dad are talking about topics from the news.

The Week junior currently has a brilliant subscription offer available where you can get 6 weeks worth of issues for free and a £5 book voucher as a welcome gift. That’s a bundle worth £20 absolutely free, with home delivery included! Just click here to sign up

The topics they cover within the magazine range from science , nature, sport , geography and anything else that happens around our globe! Fantastic right ? Everything’s covered from those avid astronauts to the archaeological experts! 

By working together with your children and reading these magazines their imaginations will broaden and their learning will develop in ways you never expect! As they get older it allows them to learn about things independently and ask questions where needed, brilliant for independent learning. Being weekly it allows the learning to become fun and regular and gets them watching out for the postie! 

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this today, please tag me on instagram if you sign up and share your favourite parts ! 



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