Work from home with Hey Duggee and my 2 year old


Hello whose calling?

Penny is 2.5 now and is absolutely loving copying everything we do , and I mean everything! So throughout this crazy pandemic I’ve been working from home and when she comes home from nursery or my mums I’m on my laptop and taking calls on my phone.

This post is our review of two products from the hey Duggee range – they can both be purchased from John Lewis . The flip and Learn phone is aimed at children 18+ months and retails at £10.99. And the Tablet is aimed at children 3+ years and retails at £17.99

Toys were gifted in exchange for review but as always opinions are my own .

When we are asked to review the Hey Duggee flip and Learn Phone and the Hey Duggee smart tablet I knew it was perfect timing. Penny could have her own little version of my working from home set up!

Hey Duggee Smart tablet

The smart tablet is absolutely fab for toddlers and really helps broaden their imaginative play . It has five different activities which encourages learning about colours, numbers, shapes, letters, characters and badges. It’s touch screen and it lights up. Penny absolutely loves all the sounds and flashing lights they really grab her attention (and Arlos too! ) it’s fab for prompting them to earning what each thing is and even Arlo had started to pay a lot more interest in it too.

I can work like you mammy?

Along with the tablet is the flip and learn phone , another fabulous accessory for any toddler , I love how bright and colourful both of these tots are, it also plays all the show favourites which penny loves to sing along too. On the phone for Pennys age I love that if she presses the question button it gives her a task and constantly challenges her on finding different numbers,colours etc. She really loves this feature and cheers when she gets it right . I love how much it helps her use her memory, numeracy skills and also problem solving when she doesn’t understand she what’s your work out what to do. All great life skills without even knowing she’s learning.

Overall I would massively recommend both toys and would be adding them to Christmas lists Thus year! Both excellent value for money and perfect learning toys for Todders. It s a big thumbs up from me and penny 💕

Thank you as always for reading 🥰



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