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The products in this post were gifted in exchange for an honest review . *

The best part of baking right?

Now Penny’s getting that little bit older she’s absolutely loving baking! And even more so when my nice comes over and they get to do it together . We baked so much throughout lockdown (not all of it successful may I ad !)

My nan used to be such an amazing baker and make gorgeous wedding cakes so I definitely don’t follow in her footsteps! Haha.

We’ve been sent the Nadiya Hussain deluxe baking set so I’m in thought I’d first talk you through what’s in the box .

28 pieces! It’s brilliant for a gift for those avid bakers!

I couldn’t believe how much was included it literally had everything apart from the ingredients! I love how each tool is suitable for those little hands and really appealing in colour and design too. They are I all dishwasher safe and tested to LGFB food safety standards too!

We cheated a little bit in this baking session and bought two kits that we just needed eggs but I thought this would be easier when the two of them were baking together we made cookies and brownies, although u forgot to get photos of the finished products! But they were yummy.

Baking with children of different ages can often be quite daunting and messy but we had good gun and that’s what matters! Even Arlo loved licking the apooon!

Their little faces couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Included in the range is two other sets aswel and they be purchased direct with Smyths and Amazon.

We had so much fun with this kit and cannot wait to get baking some more of the recipes on the cards included!

His first baking experience!


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