Playing shops with Casdon AD

Playing shops with her big cousin

Who didn’t love playing shops when they were younger? It was by far one of my favourite games ever.

Now having children of my own I feel like I get to live all those games again and penny adores role play activities so when we Were asked to review the new toy supermarket till from the lovely team at Casdon I new it would be perfect for us!

The till is fab value for money and would make a great addition to any child’s role play corner or Santa list this year! It can be purchased on Amazon at the moment for just £16.61! In the box is some Greta shop accessories and stickers to make everything look realistic which I loved! Pennys favourite part was having a credit card and when you pop it in to the card reader the till beeps , the scanner is also really good too and has the option to beep as you scan each item which as penny loves a trip to tesco with me she loved this feature!

The till has so many fab features just like a real till!

Penny is almost 3 and I feel this was perfect for her but also my nice I’m has just turned 7 and had just as much enjoyment from playing shops too! They loved choosing toys from the toy boxes to sell in their shops and played for hours!

This till was gifted in exchange for our review but as always I am honest with our review and overall I’d give this toy 10/10 as I love all the extras that come with it and even all the little details thought of in the shop goods to make them look like real groceries!

It’s great for teaching children about money too with the realistic coins included!

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