A girl and her dog – cry pets reviews

He literally goes everywhere with penny!

Penny absolutely adores animals in all shapes and sizes and

When she was sent the new Cry Pets she was over the moon! Her imagination is really coming to life lately and watching her care for her toy animals is amazing to watch. Haha he cry pets are amazing for teaching children emotion, they feed the pet with water in the bottle and then the pet can cry, it really encouraged penny to be caring and make doggy better as she says.

How cute!

As you all know if you follow me on Instagram how much penny and arlo love their blankets . So when this dog came with his own (towel) but penny falls it his blanket she was so happy to see he had the same as her , so when he cry’s she gets his blanket to wipe his tears it’s just too cute!

The pets can be purchased from Very . The pet is amazing for teaching responsibility to penny and she always remembers to check on him as soon as we get up in a morning and include him in her games! He’s just like the real thing.

Imaginative play is a big thing in our house especially having two little ones they really bounce of each other with their creativity So having toys like this is brilliant for their development we absolutely loved it!


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