Double trouble with Penny and Bubble trouble dolls! AD

We were very kindly sent two of the dolls from the bubble trouble range of dolls and they did not disappoint

The dolls are aimed at age 3+ penny is almost 3 and is always supervised so I knew she’d love them. As soon as she spotted the box she beamed from to ear to ear!

The smell of bubblegum when you open the box is absolutely amazing!

The dolls can be purchased from Argos and Smyths and their is 4 to collect! So we are now on the lookout for the two we don’t have for Pennys Christmas wish list!

I absolutely love the feel of the dolls they are squishy As penny says and she has absolutely loved being able to take their clothes off and change them with each other. Penny has loved incorporating the dolls into her other imaginative play and says that bubblegum kitty now lives in her treehouse!

We can’t wait to get watermelon!

My niece is 7 and also Absolutely loved these when she saw penny playing with them also I would definitely say they suit a range of ages and the imagination is endless!

The concentration!

My favourite part of the dolls is probable the little squishy pets that are included the one with bubblegum kitty was called smoosh! How cute!

As a parent I would definitely recommend these dolls and will definitely be sharing with other mums for a Christmas gift idea! The price is super reasonable and there is hours of fun to be had!


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