My little builder! AD Smoby

Arlo is approaching 18 months as you’ll know if you’ve followed our journey for a while and trying to decide on things for him for Christmas has been so difficult as he’s not fully into anything yet and I don’t want to choose characters etc for him just because penny liked the same.

I definitely think it’s a difficult age to buy for especially for boys. So when Smoby offered to send us their black and decker tool/work bench I was delighted!

I the box is the bench itself and 79 pieces , all of which encourage imaginative play and really help children to develop hand eye coordination skills!

The bench is aimed at children age 3 and up, my two are almost 3 and 1.5 b it always supervised when playing with toys with small parts and I would highly recommend this gets put on your Santa lists for 2020! There is hours of fun to he had.

There is every tool, but and bolt that little ones can dream of and my dad is a huge diy fan so has a garage full to the brim of tools and the first thing penny said was I can be like grandad!

The tool bench can be purchased here at Amazon for amazing price !

Make sure you keep an eye on my Instagram for penny and arlo creating diy masterpieces with grandad.


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