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It all started when I first found out I was expecting Matilda, our third baby . I’d never breast fed before and nor did I want to (and that’s okay!) I have friends who mottled fed friends who breastfed and guess what’s ll of the babies are happy and healthy and that’s the most important .

However finding out I was pregnant this time I started to think should I breastfed? Should I give it a go? But as I got further on I decided it still wasn’t the right decision for me but after talking to my midwife that I’d like to try expressing, I decided to not put any pressure on myself (after all I had two toddlers aswel!) but I would go with the flow (excuse the pun) and see how we got on.

My midwife gave me some syringes for colostrum harvesting but I didn’t manage to get any of this, I think due to mainly lack of time them last few weeks of my pregnancy were over Christmas so life was a little hectic.

I didn’t even realise you could express without breast feeding so wondered how it would go. I was kindly sent the Tommee Tippee single electric breast pump and nipple cream and also purchased the silicone pump. Both products were amazing for me , i managed to express for a whole month using these two products and like I say I didn’t put too much pressure on myself and only expressed usually twice a day. I didn’t manage to get a huge amount of milk maybe 2oz a day on good days but for me that was an achievement , and now I’ve got a little freezer stash to do Matilda a milk bath to keep her skin all smooth and also if she gets poorly eyes or anything I can bathe it in my breast milk.

Single electric breast pump

I’m sharing my little journey as I’m sure there is many other mums like me who maybe darent give it a go didn’t know they could just express , but you absolutely can, it’s your body, your pregnancy and your and your babies feeding journey and it will be beautiful no matter what!

Tommee Tippee have released a beautiful campaign video today to normalise all things breastfeeding, the video shows all thing baby to booby and baby to bottle . If you’d like to watch please click here

I’d love you to share your favourite part of your feeding journey in the comments below 🥰




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