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This blog post is in partnership with Mumsnet and Juno.

Being a new mum, being mum to number 3 or number 7, from pregnancy and beyond the days can be daunting, worrying and sometimes overwhelming can’t they? Sometimes you don’t want to ring the doctors or head down there for every little worry for fear of being judged , and after all we are a nation of phone and tablet lovers! So wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had access to help and guidance from trained and qualified midwives and paediatrics right there on your phone ! Well now you absolutely can , with the Juno app , that help and support is available . 

I’m a mum of 3, Penny age 3, Arlo 18 months and Matilda 8 weeks, and although I’ve had them so close, every pregnancy and every child has been so different, they always throw a curve ball in to something I didn’t think I needed to worry about. When we had penny everything was pretty easy going for me and we didn’t have a lot of worry with her, when we had Arlo the health visitor mentioned she thought he may have had a condition called torticollis, because he couldn’t fully turn his head and always had it to one side ( the minute she said it I was in floods of tears, couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed something wrong with my baby) she advised us to go to the GP asap. Before that GP appointment I instantly googled everything read the worst and feared the worst, by far the worst thing I could have done ! Thankfully Arlo was okay once checked out at the doctors and hasn’t had any problems since, gentle exercises helped massively. Looking back had I had an app where I could have spoken to a midwife, sent pictures etc it would have helped support me more and give me more helpful advice than google had .Ill insert a picture of how he used to lay all the time before the exercises. 

When you’re pregnant again whether it be baby number 1 or 10 , each time is different each brings its own worries and I don’t think there’s ever been for anyone a totally worry free pregnancy. You get dedicated midwife appointments throughout your pregnancy but as we all know they are stretched and sometimes you could do with someone at the end of a phone to put your mind at ease about all the little niggly things, I know I could of done with that ! Since having Matilda I’ve been trailing the June app and the newest part of it which is the online midwifery service, offering super midwifery moments. Matilda has had a poorly eye this last week and although I’ve been bathing it in cool boiled water and breastmilk I just wasn’t sure if it could be something a little more serious. so I popped a message over on the app just to describe what had been going on with her and they got back to me within half an hour ! they asked a couple of questions about her symptoms and what to do for different scenarios , and after speaking with the doctor on there I was happy it is just a sticky eye and to continue bathing it. I found it so helpful and tis really put my mind at ease 

means an expert so its lovely that I can now recommend this app to other mums and mums to be so that we all have a community who can access this online support and support us all in our motherhood journey ! 

If you download the app and find it super useful like I have please let me know in the comments , id love to know ow its helping others ! 

Thank you for reading today from a mum of 3 who is still learning everyday and with the help of HelloJuno I am confident I’ve got the support I need right at my fingertips! 

I have quite a large platform on instagram with a following based around mums and parents, I often get questions asking my advice and I am no


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